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c0zwerock's Journal

we rock. Nuff said.
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Hello chicken-ducks. Captain Monkey here.

We all Know *of* each other, from friends or friends of friends, perhaps you have seen one of these nifty chaps popping about in a neato other community such as Chameleons or Pretty petticoat. We KNOW we are all rather brilliant. We have probably read each others' comments in various places and wanted to get to know the person better. However we never really get a chance to talk together and be all silly and stuff!

NOW WE CAN! c0z. we. rock.

tell me if there's a friend of yours who you think should is good enough to join as well (if I don't know them) but they Must have at least 2 friends who are already in the community. And even then I might decide they can't play. Ask me when I'm in a good mood :P

After all, I can't let just *anyone* join, now can I?! 'Twould be beside the point! (not to mention that Having Power goes straight to my big head!)
Posty here your photos, stories, silly st00pid things that you did which nobody else would find amusing but you are quite sure that we would. and we would too.

c0z we rock, of course!
you're most certainly allowed to be stuck-up and narcissistic here- cause Only the best people can join, and we all know we're all quite fabulous. Vanity is quite understandable when you are as gorgeous as we are! I'm adding people that I am quite sure would not start petty arguments. Please prove to me that I know you as well as I think I do!
Most importantly:
Just go crazy, man.
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